Honestly, not stopped thinking about this for 5 days or so

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There was a video on the Instagrams from a self-service noodle shop in Seoul.
In it the person making the video makes noodles then throws in a slice of American cheese before a more sensible topping like spring onion.

I was appalled, yet have not stopped thinking about it for a week. I want to try this disgusting aberration too.

Just thought you should know.

Oh hooray! Turn something off and on again and everything works.

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Might've spoke too soon for this though. Doesn't seem to be 'federating' properly.

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I saw someone inspecting an elevator and asked if I could watch. He went on to explain all kinds of cool things about the elevator, like that it had 6 cables and that any single one of them was rated to hold the whole thing. It also has big hydraulic shock absorbers underneath just in case. Sometimes people tell him to hurry up so they can use it again, but I’m ok with him taking his time.

People often love telling you about what they’re doing if you’re willing to ask. Stay curious!

Got a Pixelfed instance on the go too. Look at me.

And if I've followed you again from this account, I obviously thought you were interesting :D

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I was @coopey, I now have my own instance.
Hopefully it works this time.


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